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The Ducks Of Doom - set gm-2c004

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The Ducks Of Doom

Chastity and Fidelity cut up each other's clothes

Chastity, in black pleather trousers and a long chunky white jumper, and Fidelity, in a knee-length black pleather skirt and tucked-in chunky white jumper, play with the Ducks of Doom, where every duck drawn means mess and mayhem for one or other of them.

Blue Duck: Chastity gets some gunge.
Green Duck: Fidelity gets some gunge.
Red Duck: Chastity's clothes get some cutting.
Yellow Duck: Fidelity's clothes get some cutting.

Needless to say, the game continues until both girls outer outfits have been reduced to shredded remnante, leaving them in the swimsuits and tights they are wearing beneath, which then get thoroughly filled and covered too.

There is also full head and hair coverage.