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Evelyne's PVC Catsuit Messing - set gm-2f121

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Evelyne's PVC Catsuit Messing

Our cook get very messy in her favourite catsuit

Time for Evelyne, our cook, to get a very thorough messing in the dungeon at the hands of Lady-A!

Evelyne is dressed for a messing in her favourite sleeveless PVC catsuit and thigh-high, chrome-heeled kinky boots, she's in for a totally messing up and really looking forward to it. Lady A, who will be delivering the messing, is dressed for the dungeon herself, in pleather shorts over fishnet tights, fancy t-shirt and 14 hole Doc Marten boots, though she'll be staying clean for now.

It starts with milk, flooding down inside and all over the outside of Evelyne's shiny suit. The milk leaves her deliciously wet and very much feeling it, but still mostly clean on the outside. Lady A soon fixes that by having Evelyne sit on a carefully prepared cake, which splodges all over the seat of her catsuit. And then Lady A breaks out the custard, and Evelyne gets very messy indeed!