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The Lady and The Cook - set gm-2f132

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Lady Rose finds Evelyne the Cook in the dungeon, preparing some wearing food for an upcomming event. Evelyne is wearing the brand new urban combat trousers she's been looking forward to receiving. So of course Rose decides Evelyne's outfit must be mess tested. Which means her own short dungarees, spandex leggings, and blue check shirt are going to suffer too.

Milk down Evelyne's combats comes first, then custard gets poured in too. Then it's custard down the dungarees time for Lady Rose, who happily accepts her messy fate as Cook gets to work on her.

Lots of laughs, lots of smiles, and two very willing women completely covering each other in messy slop. Both have their outfits well filled and then covered, heads and hair get totally messed up too, Evelyne's short hair and Rose's luxurious flowing locks get well coated and shampooed with goo.