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Messy Dancing Girls - set gm-2f145

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Messy Dancing Girls

Kitty and Chastity compare dance outfits in mess

Two pretty girls dressed in different styles of dancing gear, which outfit is the most fun to wear messy?

Kitty is dressed for the dance studio, black spandex leotard over black spandex leggings, and with plimsolls on her feet.

Chastity is dressed for clubbing, black PVC jeans, New Rock boots, and a little black PVC lace-up sleeveless top.

Both girls are totally up for getting messy and messing each other up, relaxed and uninhibited with each other. They start by attempting to fill Chastity's cleavage with squirty cream, followed with custard down her top and poured into her PVC jeans. Before long Kitty has her leotard filled with custard, which starts to leak through at her crotch and flow down her leggings even as she continues to mess Chastity's outfit up.

By the end of the scene both girls are totally drenched in mess from head to toe, and loving every minute of it.