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Cleaning Uniform Mess Fest - set gm-2f164

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Cleaning Uniform Mess Fest

Veronica and Eliza cover each other's uniforms with food

Veronica wears a dark blue knee length uniform skirt with pockets, a pale blue blouse, and green wellies, while Eliza wears a dark blue hospital cleaner's dress, and white lace-up plimsolls. They are supposed to be cleaning up the dungeon after their previous epic waterproofs set, however they decide just to totally gunge each other all over again for the fun of it.

Veronica's skirt suffers first, as both pockets are filled with gateaux and custard, but Eliza's dress soon starts to feel the mess too. They take turns messing each other up, and the action includes Eliza having her dress opened at the front so Veronica can drench the swimsuit Eliza is wearing beneath with custard before neatly doing her dress back up again - and then repeating the opending and drenching while Eliza stands over a gateaux, so all the custard dripping out of her dress flows on to it - which Veronica then sits on.

Features include: Clothes filling, cake sitting, mess pouring and spreading, messy shampoos, and cold milk dumped over their heads as a finale.

By the end of the scene both girls are totally drenched in mess, from head to toe, including hair and face coverage.