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Egging the Red - set gm-2f18

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Egging the Red

Lady Jasmine saturates a scarlet uniform in dozens of eggs

  • Bright red 27" below-the-knee workwear skirt by Alexandra
  • Red polo-shirt with navy trim, by Alexandra
  • Dark tights
  • Smart black court shoes

We've all heard the old "are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin" line commonly used by storytellers the world over. Well, sitting comfortably is just as important when being gunged as when reading tales, so Lady Jasmine starts this set by carefully placing an empty flan base on a stool, cracking three large eggs into it, and then gracefully sitting herself down in the eggs, leaving a nice comfortable patch of soggy eggy wetness on the back of her skirt.

Once she's assured of a comfortable seat, Lady J proceeds to slowly cover every inch of the rest of her outfit in egg mess. First the shoes are filled, and then she puts them back on. Next her tights-clad lower legs get the treatment, and then she cracks many eggs into the lap of her brand new scarlet skirt, the clean crisp material slowly succumbing to the unrelenting deluge of yolks and whites.

Once the front of the skirt is thoroughly soaked it's the turn of the polo shirt, eggs cracked over each shoulder and all over her front and chest, and then she does her hair too, egg shampoo is one of the best hair treatments available after all.

Next the contents of a bucket of eggs are poured into Lady Jasmine's lap, and then she takes to the floor and ensures the back of the skirt is thoroughly saturated in mess too.

And then, the grand finale, a large bucket of eggs down Lady Jasmine's back. Except it didn't go quite as planned and the entire contents of the bucket are seen pouring down the inside of her collar and inside the polo-shirt. That was cold!

Well, they do say you can't deluge a girl in yolks and whites without breaking a few eggs...

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.

Mini-trailer - note members videos are full size.