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Hot Pants vs Army Trousers - set gm-2f180

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Hot Pants vs Army Trousers

Miss Pink and Nurse Wendy play a messy game

Miss Pink, dressed in cyan swimsuit, black disco hotpants, and lace-up plimsolls, has challenged Nurse Wendy, in olive green army trousers, black shirt, and black chunky boots, to a messy game of scissors - paper - stone in the dungeon. Needless to say, they are both about to get very messy!

Miss Pink looses the first couple of rounds, and very soon her hotpants are well filled with custard and cream, which seeps through the material and leaks down her legs. But soon enough Nurse Wendy looses a turn, and her outfit starts to suffer too.

Lots of clothes filling for both of them, plus mess poured all over each other and spread by hand. They cover each other's hair and faces too, by the end of the scene both are completely covered from head to toe.