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Veronica, Swimsuit and Pleather! - set gm-2f183

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Veronica, Swimsuit and Pleather!

Swimsuit and dunagree filling with Veronica Ravenblack

This set didn't quite go to plan. What Veronica was meant to do was quickly pour a carton of cream, and one of custard, down the front and back of her swimsuit, and then pull on her brand new, Marks & Spencer pleather dungarees, and enjoy the feelings as the cream and custard leaked out of the swimsuit and flowed down inside the clean pleather.

However we'd underestimated how much she would enjoy just filling her swimsuit, and so what actually happened: She started as planned, wearing her beautiful new dungarees over an equally lovely and also brand new black and grey one piece swimsuit. She shows off the outfit and strikes a series of sexy poses. Then she unclips her dungarees and slips them off, folding them neatly on the table for later. And then she starts to fill the swimsuit, and just keeps going! Cream, custard, down the front, sitting down, legs open so we can clearly see as the creamy mess flows down inside and then starts to leak out between her legs. Once plenty has flowed down the front she stands up and pours more into the back, then yet more in the front, and doesn't stop till the entire swimsuit is filled and drenched in custard and cream.

Eventually we reminded her of the original plan, and so, now completely drenched in goo, she stands up and slips the clean pleather dungarees on, after dropping an extra carton of custard into her swimsuit to flow out inside the overalls as she pulls them up and clips the straps neatly into place.

She then thoroughly fills and covers the dungarees, mixing fresh cream and custard with the lavish amounts already leaking from her well filled swimsuit, filling the front bib pocket then squishing the contents out to flow down the front, covering herself completely and rolling on the floor covered in goo.

She gives herself a creamy facial and thoroughly messes up her beautiful thick black hair too.

Technical: This scene has full original sound, and you also get a high resolution photoset. Regarding Veronica's outfit: Veronica's dungarees are pleather, a plastic material, not real leather, but they are genuine M&S, high quality, and look magnificent both clean and messy. Veronica absolutely loved wearing them, and messing them up, and absolutely threw hersef into the swimsuit filling. If you like swimsuit filling, or leatherlook clothes filling, you'll love this scene!