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Cook plays with her food

Evelyne gets very messy in waterproofs

Most cooks are well known for enjoying their own food, but here at Saturation Hall, our cook Evelyne goes one step further, she loves to play with her food too! For this session our mature culinary expert, who was in her mid-40s when this was filmed, is dressed for the occasion in a turquoise swimsuit, waterproof trousers, wellies, and a waterproof rainwear jacket. A full waterproof outfit, complete protection against the mess, you might think? Not once Evelyne gets started!

First she pours custard all down the front of her zipped up jacket, with some of it dripping onto her trousers. But before long she's unzipped the jacket and is merrily pouring honey and custard into her swimsuit, where it gathers at the elastic waistband of her trousers until she pulls them out and noticably enjoys the sensations as the pooled mess slides down into sensitive areas.

She gives herself a lovely self-pie-sandwich, plays with lots of squirty cream, pours plenty of mess inside her trousers, and deliberately spreads as much mess as possible all over her outfit.

Evelyne genuinely loves getting messy and you can see how much fun she's having as she completely subverts her waterproof outfit until she's completely drenched in mess from head to toe, she gives her hair and face the full treatment too.