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Savoury Sweet Sisters - set gm-2f218

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  • gm-2f218-v1a (13 minutes, 57 seconds)
  • gm-2f218-v1b (13 minutes, 42 seconds)
  • gm-2f218-v1c (14 minutes, 12 seconds)
  • gm-2f218-v2 (13 minutes, 36 seconds)

Savoury Sweet Sisters

Lily and Rosemary mess each other up in flightsuits

Two very willing women dressed in flightsuits and boots, a table full of a variety of mixed gunge - two very messy wenches ahead!

For each round the winner gets to pour the mess of her choice over, or into the clothes of, the loser. Lily soon has several cans of soup flowing down inside the front of her suit, from where it starts to leak out into the tray she's sitting in, but she soon gets her own back and Rosemary's outfit starts to suffer too.

Steadily they tip more and more mess over each other, all the time enjoying the sensations as their outfits sucumb to the tide of soup, beans, custard and spaghetti. Heads aren't spared, Lily's technicolour locks, and Rosemary's lovely long red hair, get their own drenching and coating in goo, and both girls get messy facials too.