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Golden Swimsuit Savoury - set gm-2f223

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Golden Swimsuit Savoury

Rosemary destroys a shiny gold swimsuit with beans, soup, and more!

Oh dear. A family friend has set up a design agency, and just as a favour, Lady Jasmine offered them a chance to come up with a new uniform for the Hall staff. Sadly however, the designer who took the brief clearly didn't read it as what they came up with was a deep-clevage shiny gold halter-neck swimsuit, and silver high heel shoes with mirror detailing. How is anyone supposed to enjoy getting messed up in such a skimpy outfit? Never mind the impracticality of stilletto heels on our well worn, six-hundred-year-old, oak floors and stone stairways. By contrast the usual staff uniforms round here involve knee length skirts, combat trousers, or overalls, and the standard footwear is wellies.

Nevertheless, Rosemary volunteered to test the suggested new uniform in the dungeon. Where she revealed another shortcoming as the shiny swimsuit's finish didn't survive the very thorough messing she gave it. So enjoy its demise as she fills and covers the suit, the heeled shoes, and herself, in bakes beans, tomato soup, custard, and finishes off with cold milk all over her head and down her body. She fills the suit front and rear, and later sits down to really squish the mixes mess inside it under herself. Her hair and face get the treatment too, and she ends up totally drendhed in mixes mess from head to toe.

The household will not be adopting this as a uniform, but it was fun to watch Rosemary in it while it lasted!