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  • gm-2f248-v1 (17 minutes, 45 seconds)
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  • gm-2f248-v6 (02 minutes, 03 seconds)
  • gm-2f248-v7 (01 minutes, 28 seconds)
  • gm-2f248-v8 (01 minutes, 41 seconds)
  • gm-2f248-v9 (03 minutes, 57 seconds)

Penny visits Saturation Hall

We know how to treat visitors here!

Across the wild moors and up all the long leagues of Langstonedale Chase she came, and when Penny Banks reached the dungeon beneath the ancient manor house, she found Susie and Rosemary ready and waiting to give her a true Saturation Hall welcome, and needless to say, get quite spectacularly messy themselves!