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Tracksuit Leak Test - set gm-2f251

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Tracksuit Leak Test

Maude and Honeysuckle fill each others sportswear with mess

Honeysuckle and Maude have challenged each other to a leak test, which of their sportswear outfits will show through, and then leak, first, when filled with Devon Dream and custard?

Honeysuckle wears a beautiful classic royal blue Adidas track suit, over a turquoise swimsuit, and with wellies that match her swimsuit. Maude wears a sleeveless Nike sports catsuit over a black swimsuit, with sparkly wellies.

Honeysuckle has opted to just have her trousers filled in the usual way, with custard and cream poured in down the front and then down the back. Maude is taking an alterbative approach, and has asked for lots of custard and cream to be poured inside her swimsuit, the idea being it'll build up a reservoir of mess inside the crotch of the swimsuit that will both feel amazing and also create a steadily increasing flow of leaking mess to flow inside her sports suit and stain and leak its way through from inside. She's also going to have mess poured directly inside the back of her suit to flow down and collect at her bottom, adding to the mess leaking out from inside her swimsuit.

Needless to say both girls ended up totally drenched in mess from head to toe, boots filled and hair shampooed, and pretty faces covered in goo too. But you'll need to download the scene to find out who leaked first and fastest.