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Formals and Custard - set gm-2f57

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Morgana in Black

Fill her up!

A Clothes Filling Experiment

Dressed to the nines in a lovely black designer strapless two-piece eveningwear outfit and high black leather boots, Morgana enters the dungeon determined to find the answer to the all-important question, "just how much custard will this bodice hold before it leaks out all over my skirt?"

And so Morgana begins the experiment, pouring carton after carton of custard into her own bodice, until it does indeed eventually start to leak out at the bottom and flow down her lovely floor-length black skirt. How many cartons? You have to look at the photos to work that out!

Of course having got that far there's not much point stopping, and so Morgana proceeds to completely cover her entire outfit, including her boots, and then gives herself a thorough custard shampooing, drenching her lovely red hair completely, before sinking to the floor and rolling around in the pool of spilled custard.

She finishes off in fine Saturation Hall style with several bottles of cola over herself.