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Tripple Gunge!

Three of our gunge-maidens totally trash each other with goo!

They say two heads are better than one. Well at Saturation Hall, we definitely believe that three girls in the gunge together is a great way to do things!


    Lady Rose

  • Black combat trousers
  • Black swimsuit
  • High-heeled ankle-boots

    Lady Amaranth

  • Navy blue dungarees
  • Blue checked lumberjack shirt
  • Green wellington boots

    Nurse Wendy

  • Black boilersuit, with belt
  • Chocolate-box wellington boots

Before the gunging starts, off-camera, the girls are sitting around in the dungeon, on the steps, on the dry floor. They don't get wet but do get their bottoms a bit dusty, and we leave them like that for the gungings.

Lady Rose gets the treatment first, and it's trouser filling time! Bravely she holds out the waistband of her smart combat trousers while Amaranth and Wendy together pour two full boxes of custard in. It floods down inside her trouser legs, over her heeled boots, and pools around her feet. And then she gets two more poured inside her swimsuit too.

Lady Amaranth is next, and the clothes filling continues, as the already messy Rose, and still clean Wendy, pour two boxes of custard together into Lady A's dungarees, which she holds open for them, unresisting as the mess pours into her outfit. As her dungaree legs are tucked into her wellies, the custard is trapped inside her clothes. And then Rose and Wendy dump two full two litre bottles of coke into Lady A's dungarees as well, adding to the collected mess in her trouser legs and green rubber boots.

Nurse Wendy is the last one clean, but not for long as she takes a seat between the others, who then pour custard all down the front of her boilersuit and all over her legs.

Now all three girls are a bit messy, but that's not enough for a Saturation Hall wench, so they set about each others costumes in turn. Turning to face the back wall, and bending over the stool, they drench each other's backs and bottoms in golden syrup, tides of flowing amber engulfing bums and flowing down legs. Lady Amaranth sits down, takes her well filled boots off, and pours their contents over herself, totally drenching the front of her dungarees. And then she puts the messy boots back on again.

The three of them end up sitting in the pool of mixed goo on the dungeon floor, scooping up handfuls of slop and splattering it over each other, finishing off any remaining clean areas of their clothes, relaxing, and having fun in the gunge. Tripple gunge - three times the fun!