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In the Bean Time...

Modesty will learn to enjoy her beans!

"Beans, beans, good for the heart, the more you pour in your jeans, the richer and more powerfull you become!" Well, no-one ever claimed the Seventh Earl of Langstonedale was a good poet, but the line above, which he apparently penned after a particularly wild night of savoury gunge fun involving every serving wench in the house, in the depths of the bitter winter of 1885, pretty accurately summed up his take on the matter of baked beans.

He was possibly also the first person in England to dress his servants in uniforms made of denim, having seen images and samples of the newly-invented American trousers - he even had the serving wenches wearing actual jeans for both heavy work, and gunge fun, though alas society at large still took a dim view of women wearing trousers at the time, and social pressure saw the household revert to more traditional servants' atire by the end of the decade.

In these enlightened times of course women of all classes wear jeans, and the ladies of Saturation Hall regularly get gunged in them too! Which brings us to Modesty, dressed in black strappy swimsuit over black bra, and blue jeans tucked into her leather explorer boots (to catch the drips), about to get a propper egging and beaning at the skilled hands of Prudence the Housekeeper, suitably dressed for the task in the modern Hall servants' uniform. Don't worry, Prudence has her own beaning and egging coming up soon enough!

Prudence starts with a pair of eggs in a bowl. Plop! Plop!, down they go inside the front of Modesty's swimsuit. Round the back, more eggs into the swimsuit, either side. Her jeans get the egg treatment next, two down the front, and then two more sliding wetly down the back. There's quite a bit of raw egg soaking through Modesty's jeans' legs from the inside by the time Prudence has finished with her egg pouring. And then it's beans time!

Beans down the front of her jeans, beans down the back of her jeans, her swimsuit filled with beans front and back - and then, while Prudence supervises, Modesty takes charge herself and finishes off any remaining dry areas she can find with yet more cans of beans, before kneeling down in the bean puddle on the floor and smearing more beans all over her jeans and swimsuit.

If you like girls having their trousers filled with raw eggs and baked beans, you need this set!