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Uniform Gunge Bath - set gm-2g015

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Uniform Gunge Bath

Honeysuckle and Felicity take a uniformed gunge bath

There's nothing quite like taking a lavish gunge bath while dressed in your working uniform, and it's even better when shared with a friend. And so Honeysuckle, dressed in a lovely dark blue nurses uniform dress, with dark tights and wellies, and Felicity, wearing a dark blue below-the-knee skirt, blue and white check shirt, and wellies, meet up in the dungeon and proceed to make each other very, very messy with lashings of multi-coloured gunge!

To start with, Felicity has gunge poured into her skirt, front and back, and her shirt filled a little too. Then, while Felicity is enjoying the sensations of the mess dripping down inside her outfit, Honeysuckle lies down in the clean and empty bath, and Felicity pours a full bucket of yellow gunge all over Honeysuckle's pristine uniform dress, filling the bath around her in the process. Then Honeysuckle gets out, Felicity gets in and lies down in the yellow gunge, and Honeysuckle pours a full bucket of green gunge all over the front of Felicity's shirt and skirt.

They carry on pouring more and more gunge all over each other, swapping places in the bath and also gunging each other while standing up. They give each other thorough gunge shampoos too, Felicity's blonde locks and Honeysuckle's raven hair both succumbing to the bright mess as it's poured on.

Both girls end up totally drenched in gunge from head to toe.