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Colourful Suit Messing - set gm-2g032

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Colourful Suit Messing

Maude and Honeysuckle cover each other in gunge, dressed in colourful boilersuits

Honeysuckle and Maude, dressed in tight fitting red and blue boilersuits respectively, with black belts, and black wellies for Honmeysuckle, and clear ones for Maude, take turns to cover each othert in colourful gunge for fun!

They start by filling each other's boots, then makle each other sit in trays of goo, and then just pour and slather the gloop all over each other, including full coverage of their outfits, full gunge shampoos, and full face coverage for each of them.

The whole thing is done for fun and laughs, both girls love getting messy and this was just a complete "let your hair down and let rip" attitude where they both know they're getting drenched in goo, and are happily enjoying both receiving, and dishing it out to each other. There's not a single clean stich, strand of hair, or inch of skin, left clean by the end of the scene.

There's full original sound on the main video, note the hosedown is slient due to more crew chat than could be sensibly edited out.