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Well Filled Yoga Pants

Friday and Felicity fill each other's lycra sportswear with gallons of goo!

Both dressed in skin tight yoga pants and running vest tops over swimnsuits, and with Converse-style basketball boots on their sockless feet, Friday and Felicity set about each other with gallons of blue gunge!

Felicity is first to feel the wetness, as cup after cup of gunge is poured down inside the front of her swimsuit, so it collects in the lower areas, soaking through her trousers from inside before the gathering gunge leaks from her swimsuit's leg-holes and flows down inside her trousers - all of which you can see happening as she lifts her vest and pulls at the trousers to encourage the flow!

Felicity gets well filled and drenchged in goo while Friday remains clean and dry at first, Felicity has her swimsuit filled, then more poured down her spandex leggings front and back, then her spandex vest top filled too, all while Friday's nice green jungle pattern outfit remains untouched. Needless to say this situation doesn't last too long, and soon enough there were litres of goo flowing down inside Friday's lovely outfit too.

Their hair doesn't escape the treatment, they empty buckets over each other, totally drenching hair and faces in blue. They also stand in buckets of gunge to make sure their canvas boots are totally drenched too.

By the end of the scene, both girls are utterly drenched in mess from head to toe!