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Running Gear Gunging - set gm-2g052

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Running Gear Gunging

Felicity and Lily and lots of goo!

Felicity and Lily are both dressed in skin-tight running gear, Lily is all in black, including shiny black leggings with mesh panels on her legs, while Felicity's outfit has a lovely geometric pattern on her top and the fronts of her leggings, with plain black behind. They both wear plain black Converse style basketball boots.

To sart with, Felicity gets to stay completely clean and dry while she utterly drenches Lily's entire outfit in blue gunge. Lily has her leggings filled front and back, the gunge flowing down inside before leaking out through the mesh panels, she's made to put her feet in buckets of gunge, somen of which is then lavishly slopped up her legs, and her top gets the treatment too. All while Felicity remains completely pristine.

Needless to say this situation can't be allowed to continue, and so once Lily's entire outfit has been drenched in goo, Felicity submits to the roles being reversed, and soon enough she has wet blue goo flowing down inside her leggings, and all over the rest of her, too.

Eventually both their outfits are totally drenched in gunge, but their heads and hair are still clean. This can't be allowed to continue either, so they break out some Devon Dream and pour that all over each other's heads, drenching each other's hair and pouring it down their faces too.

Once both are totally messy, they then receive several full-force bucketings of water from off-camera, before fully hosing each other down. At the end of the hosedown they strip to the swimsuits they are wearing as underwear beneath their sports outfits.

Two lovely girls, in very hot skin-tight outfits, totally drenched in blue goo!