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Three Girl Formal Fun

Lucia, Teena, and Maude, in formal gowns, in gunge!

Lucia, Teena, and Maude, were meant to be attenting the Midsummer Garden Party. Except it's been rained off, so what are our dressed-up threesome going to get up to instead? Relaxing drinks by the fire in the great hall? Some quiet reading in the library? Or how about a merry afternoon totally drenching each other, in all their formal finery, with fresh gunge in the dungeon?

To quote endless clickbait sites, "you won't believe what happened next!"

Needless to say, those gorgeous formal outfits, Lucia's long-sleeve, floor length, gold pencil dress, Teena's shimmery red satin dress, and Maude's beautiful blue ballgown, don't stay all clean and dry for long!

Dresses get filled, trays full of goo get sat in, and all three ladies reduce each other to beautiful formal sloppy messes, as all three get totally drenched in blue and pink gunge, from head to toe, including buckets of gunge poured over their heads, as well as lots of just splattering gunge all over each other.

Now that's what I call a gunge party!