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3 Girl Sportswear Gunge - set gm-2g055

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3 Girl Sportswear Gunge

Maude, Lucia, and Teena fill each other's clothes and shoes with goo!

Lucia, Teena, and Maude have arranged to meet in the dungeon and then go for a cross-country run round part of the estate. Maude and Teena are there on time, but Lucia is late, ane eventually arrives apologetic and barefoot - she can't find her running shoes! Oh dear, running around the estate barefoot isn't really recommended, there are lots of sharp rocks not to mention all the mud. So there's only one thing for it. Instead of a run, the three of them will just have to do a gunge workout instead. With Lucia being the first to get the treatment, of course.

Maude wears her favourite Nike sleeveless sportswear jumpsuit, with a black swimsuit underneath and all-black Converse-style basketball boots on her feet.

Teena is all in pink, pink leggings, pink running top, pink sportswear jacket, and with white and pink trainers, worn with no socks.

Lucia wears black high-waist Lonsdale branded tracksuit trousers, with a black sports-bra as a top, and she has bare feet.

What follows involves clothes filling, sitting in trays of goo, pouring gunge all over each other, standing in buckets of goo and being covered, shoe-filling, and finally pouring buckets of gunge over their heads. All three girls are reduced to technicolour gunge-drenched messes. Gunge colours used are blue, green, and pink, and they have lots and lots of it to play with!