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Dungaree Mud Fun! - set gm-2m04

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Dungaree Mud Fun!

Wendy Household wears blue denim dungarees and blue wellies into the riverbank clay


  • Blue denim high-back dunarees
  • Blue Hunter-style wellington boots
  • White long-sleeve shirt


  • Fully clothed mud bath
  • Outdoor mud
  • Riverbank clay
  • Mud sliding


Wendy spends a pleasant morning in the soft clay of an east coast riverbank, wading in, sinking to above her knees, sitting down, crawling through, and sliding about in the beautifully rich, sloppy, soft clay. She gets her boots, dungarees, and shirt completely coated in mud, and has fun sliding down the banks and rolling about in the soft mud. What a wonderful way to wake up!