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Into the Deeping Pool - set gm-2w29

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Into the Deeping Pool

West Highland Waterbabes, Summer 2009

  • Black shiny satin jeans
  • Black lycra leotard
  • Black see-through short-sleeve shirt, worn open
  • Black rubber boots
    Lady Rose
  • Blue denim dungarees
  • Blue deniim jeans-jacket
  • Purple t-shirt
  • Blue wellington boots

The mysterious Morgana, all in black, leads Lady Rose, dressed in her favourite blue denim overalls, into the Deeping Pool below Lady Jasmine's hunting lodge.

First they flood their boots, one by one, then they wade slowly into the water, allowing the level to rise bit by bit, only stopping when it's lapping at their waists. And then they have a furious waterfight at point blank range, great splashes and sheets of water cascading over each of them, neither giving way, just splashing each other even harder the next time.

Eventually they declare a draw, and take turns bobbing completely under the water, soaking their heads and hair.

Morgana takes off her shirt, and Rose removes her jacket, and they swim about a bit, playing like seals in the clear Highland stream. They pose, soaking wet, on a rock together, and then again, still in their drenched clothes, by the pool.