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Washing down the dungeon - set gm-2w35

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Washing Down in the Dungeon

Felicity and Miss Pink wash each other down!


  • Felicity
  • Navy blue womens-fit boilersuit
  • Blue wellington boots

  • Miss Pink
  • Blue denim dungarees
  • Purple t-shirt
  • Blue wellington boots

Felicity and Miss Pink are supposed to be washing down the dungeon following some previous fun, Felicity sweeping while Miss Pink directs the hose. Which is going fine, right up until Miss Pink accidentally sends the hose spray down the backs of Felicity's rubber boots, and decides to keep it there, filling the serving wench's boots

For a moment Felicity simply goes on sweeping, after all, having water sprayed down your boots is actually quite a nice feeling, but then she leans the broom up against the wall and turns round. Miss Pink already knows she's in for a drenching now whatever happens, so she keeps the hose spraying exactly as it was, which means the water works its way up Felicity's legs as she advances on the taller girl, eventually spraying directly on the trunk of Felicity's boilersuit.

For a moment Felicity does nothing, just stands, letting the water drench her front while looking calmly at the completely dry barmaid. Then she takes the hose out of Miss Pink's unresisting fingers, and shoves the end of it down the front of Miss Pink's dungarees!

From then on they take turns, each drenching the other a little bit more at each turn until they are completely soaked. Totally drenched, they take a break from water and pour several bottles of cola over each other, then they break out the hose again, each taking a turn to sweep the floor while being hosed down all over by the other.

If you've ever wanted to watch a soaking wet girl sweeping a floor while being mercilesly hosed down, this is the photoset for you!