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The Three Wet Nurses

Women in uniform with buckets of water!

Take three beautiful young women, neatly dressed in smart nurses uniform dresses, one in navy blue, one in lilac, and one in bottle green, add multiple buckets of water, and guess what happens?

Well, in our dungeon at least, three soaking wet nurses is what happens! Morgana, Chastity, and Charlotte, have a merry old time taking turns to be giver of the buckets, and receivers of the wetness, until all three are utterly drenched.

Charlotte, in lilac, gets to be the first thrower, while Morgana in dark blue, and Chastity in green, await her pleasure. Chastity's dress feels the wetting touch first, her front getting well soaked by the first throws, but Morgana is soon on the receiving end too.

Then Charlotte takes Morgana's place in the firing line, while the soaked redhead gets to exact her soggy revenge, giving Chastity another bucketing while also soaking the until-now dry Charlotte.

And then Morgana returns to the target zone, as green-clad Chastity gets to deliver a set of bucketings of her own, further drenching the other two.

And as if that wasn't enough, each of the three wet-uniformed women now takes a seat and lets the other two pour buckets of water over her head and into her lap.

Uniformed wet wenches ahoy!

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