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Marsh House Uniform Test - set gm-3f002

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Marsh House Business Suit Test

Maude gets spectacularly soggy in a suit!

Marsh House, the great classical pile owned by our good friends the Full-Wellingtons down in the East Lincolnshire mudlands, needs a new staff uniform. Unlike us wild things here at Saturation Hall, where the staff more or less dress as they please and Lady Jasmine's only rule is that they must be always ready for a drenching or a messing, Marsh House in the lowlands gets a lot of fairly posh visitors, and so they generally require their staff to dress formally most of the time, but just like us Langstonedales, they must also always be ready for a messing or a mudding. Which is why Maude is dressed in a very smart grey trouser suit, with spike heeled Playboy boots, all of which she's about to utterly drench in cream, custard, and cake!

First she poses in the outfit, looking every inch the powerful executive manager that the suit is meant to convey. Then she starts to pour Devon Dream into her suit trousers, and the messing begins.

She fills the trousers, front and back, she tortures her Playboy boots with cake inside and out, her shirt gets filled as does the black swimsuit she's wearing under it, and by the end of the scene she is reduced to a cream and custard coated mess.

The suit proves itself to be just as comfortable covered and soaked in goo as it is dry and clean, and she has no problem recommending it to the Marsh House seneschal for staff use.