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Denim Shorts Custard - set gm-3f037

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Denim Shorts Custard

Lady Jennifer and Honeysuckle destroy each other's summer outfits with custard and cream!

Honeysuckle and Lady Jennifer are wearing their summer festival outfits, pale high-waist denim shorts, Hunter wellies, a crop-top for Lady Jennifer, and a halterneck swimsuit with her shorts for Honeysuckle. And they are going to totally drench each other in custard and cream!

There is a strong emphasis on clothes filling in this scene, Lady Jennifer has her shorts filled directly, Honeysuckle has her swimsuit filled so that the mess will leak out inside her shorts and mess them up from within.

Both girls get totally covered in mess, including full hair and face mess plus they fill each other's Hunters for maximum squelchiness as they walk around the dungeon.