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Shiny Shorts Clear Gunge - set gm-3g004

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Shiny Shorts Clear Gunge

Honeysuckle and Maude in total gooification!

Sniny nylon shorts and slimy clear gunge!

Maude and Honeysuckle are identically dressed, both wearing shiny blue nylon sports shorts, white with blue trim Adidas t-shirts, long white sports socks, and matching blue and white checked trainers. These are the new sports uniforms for St Sploshington's Finishing School, and so must be thoroughly tested got gungeworthyness.

Maude does the first tests, having her shorts well filled with the warm slippery translucent gunge by Honeysuckle. Then it's Honeysuckle's turn and she tests her shorts with external gunge, first sitting in a tray, then having more poured over the front of her shorts whule sitting down. Once they are well covered she decides she wants some gunge poured inside too. It's at this point Honeysuckle realises she's actually got her shorts on back to front, so once they have been well filled, she slips them off, on camera, and puts them back on again, drenched in slime, and pulls them up and tucks her t-shirt back in.

Having drenched each other's shorts in slime next they tackle each other's feet - Maude has her shoes taken off, filled with gunge, and then slips her feet in their clean dry socks back into the goo-filled shoes, while Honeysuckle ends up standing in two buckets of gunge, while Maude carefully spreads the slime up her socks and onto her bare legs.

Their t-shirts get the treatment next, both get totally drenched in gunge and go slightly see-through to reveal the black bikini tops they are both wearing underneath them. And then of course they totally drench each other's hair and faces with all the remaining gunge, including emptying half-buckets of the clear slime over each other.

We think the shiny shorts uniforms passed the test, and also that warm clear gunge is a completely awesome substance to test clothes with.