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Gloopy Gothic - set gm-4f020

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Gloopy Gothic

Lucia in PVC and Maude in Dark Alternative get very messy together

Take two stunning Gothic ladies dressed for a clubnight, add copious quantities of custard, cream, soup, and spaghetti hoops, and glooped goths is what you get!

Lucia is dressed for a nightclub, in PVC trousers, PVC corset top which laces up at the back, and shiny black lace-up Doc Marten boots.
Maude is dressed for a festival, in a black bra-top, black high waist combat-style trousers with white stitching detail and bondage straps, and black wellingtons. And neither of them will be staying clean for long!

Maude is first to feel the messiness, with two whole cans of tomato soup poured into her brand new trousers, where they slither down the legs inside but take their time to soak through the material. Soon enough it's Lucia's turn and she has spachetti hoops and custard poured into her PVC trousers, and golden syrup poured down her back through all the lacings of her corset-top.

Messier and messier they get, pouring more and more gloop into and over each other's clothes, and eventually, of course, full custard shampoos and facials for both of them.