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Formal Custard Shampoo Party! - set gm-4f021

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Formal Custard Shampoo Party!

Maude and Lucia shampoo each other, then get covered, in formal gowns.

Maude and Lucia, dressed in gorgeous formal gowns, have met up in the dungeon. Both are barefoot, and Lucia has accidentally let the hem of her dress trail in a pool of water on the floor. So clearly there is nothing for it than that they need to give each other very thorough custard shampoos, with their dresses still on of course. Needless to say, they are both about to get very messy indeed!

Both girls receive a total custard shampooing from clean at each other's hands, their dresses suffering as drips and dollops of custard drop down from their messy hair. Once each girls's hair has been totally covered and the custard deeply shampooed in, they then set about each other's dresses properly, until both are totally drenched in custard from head to toes. There is barefoot action including messy soles presented to the camera for a detailed view.

Barefoot wenches in glorious gowns covering each other in goo, what more could anyone want?