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Lucia's Shorts Punishment

Never leave your top untucked!

Oh dear. Here at Saturation Hall the rules for staff are fairly relaxed, there's none of that fanatical dress-code policing you might find in a great house of the South, we are proud of our status as Northern moorlanders, wild and largely free. However, her ladyship does insist on a couple of rules, which all things considered are fairly reasonable. And one of those rules is that tops must always be tucked in. And now it turns out that Lucia has been wandering the estate with her rather nice running shorts entitely obscured by the long white t-shirt she is wearing, untucked, over them. This will never do.

And so Lucia finds herself summoned to the dungeon, where Miss Abigail is waiting, wearing the same outfit as Lucia - shiny high-leg running shorts and a white t-shirt, over a swimsuit, and with Hunter wellies. Except that of course hers is properly arranged with the t-shirt neatly tucked into the shorts, so we can see and admire how clean, dry, and shiny they are. And now Lucia is going to have to pay for her mistake, with savoury mess, while Miss Abigail will be enjoying delicious sweet things in her outfit.

What follows is deliciously messy as Lucia has her shorts filled, t-shirt covered, and Hunters filled, with spaghetti hoops, and later, vegetable soup. While Miss Abigail's outfit and boots are drenched in custard.

By the end of the scene they are both drenched from head to toe in mess including full custard shampoos and facials for both of them.