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Pie-Fighting Dress vs Skirted Swimsuit - set gm-4f037

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Pie-Fighting Dress vs Skirted Swimsuit

Friday returns to the Hall, and gets well and truly messed up!

After a long absence, Friday has returned to Saturation Hall in the Autumn of 2022, and finds herself in the dungeon, dressed in am Adidas pie-fighting, black sports socks, and black plimsolls, where she is about to get spectacularly messed up by Miss Abigail who's dressed for messy pleasure in a skirted swimsuit dress and strappy sandals, showing off her toes.

First order of business is a proper custard bowl pie in the face for Friday, after which they both gleefully take turns reducing each other to gloopy, sticky ruin with lashings of custard and golden syrup.

Dressed get both filled and covered, they make each other sit in trays of custard with their skirts pulled up so their underwear gets fully glooped, Friday's socks are filled, and they both get totally drenched in mess with not a stitch, or clean area of skin, left clean.

Needless to say, by the end of the scene they've both given each other full mess shampoos, Friday's gorgeous curly hair completely drenched in multiple cartons of beautifully thick custard.

Welcome back Friday! SPLAT!!! :)

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.