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Dirndl Gungetank Time - set gm-4g007

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Dirndl Gungetank Time

Lady Jennifer takes to the tank in her German working wench outfit

Lady Jennifer has been invited, by Lady Jasmine, to try out our new gunge tank, custom built for us by our friends over at Messy Mayhem. And to test it properly, she's decuied to wear her own estate's recently adopted German-wench style dirndl uniform, consisting of a gorgeous satin dress with mesh sleeves and yoke, worn over black and purple striped tights, which match her lovely long purple hair, and shiny black chelsea boots, and with high waist black pants worn over the tights, under the dress, the reason for which will soon become clear. Or gungy, depending on how you look at them. There is also an apron worn over the front of the dress

First Lady Jennifer has to fill the tank, one jug at a time, so we get to watch her bending and stretching in her lovely clean shiny outfit as she pours the first bucketful in. Part way through she removes her apron and puts it to one side. And then, by magic, all of a sudden the other buckets are in and the tank is ready!

Before she unleashes the full deluge on herself though, Lady Jennifer wants to play for a bit. First, she pulls her dress up, and fills her pants, outside her tights, with orange gloop. Then, she fills a tray with gunge and sits in it, standing up again to show off the results on the back of her dress. And to finish playing, she fills her shoes with gunge and puts them back on.

And now she sits down again, the front of her dress still mostly dry, and unleashes the tank on herself! Needless to say she gets totally drenched in orange gloop, her hair, face, and dress, being engulfed by a tide of bright orange gloop that just keeps coming.

After the tanking, she still has a spare bucket of orange gunge to play with, which she uses to ensure every last inch of skin and clothing is drenched in gloop.

And then, the tank is refilled with water and she takes three total delugings, including completely soaping up her dress and rinsing it, and giving herself a very thorough shampoo and deluge wash-off.

Lady Jennifer likes the gunge!