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Lady Jennifer PVC Gungetank - set gm-4g008

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Lady Jennifer PVC Gungetank

A PVC catsuit and heeled shoes, in the gloop!

Lady Jennifer has come to play in our gunge tank. Dressed to the nines in a gorgeous tight-fitting plunge-neckline shiny black PVC catsuit and silver strappy high heels, she first fills the tank with green gunge using buckets and jugs, really showing off her lithe figure as she moves and stretches.

Then, once the tank is full but before unleashing it, she plays a little, sitting in a tray of spare gunge, and plunging her feet, shoes and all, into a bucket of gloop.

And then, seated directly under the valve, she pulls the cord and unleashes a tide of green gloop from above, which engulfs her completely. The gunge lands on her head and flows all over her, drenching the outside of her catsuit, and she then holds the suit out so the gunge floods into her cleavage and fills the suit, so she as gungey inside as she is outside.

After the first deluge she uses the bucket of gunge to ensure every inch of herself is totally covered, while the tank above her refills itself with water, and then she deluges herself with water, twice, allowing the tank to fully refill each time, so giving herself an unstoppable drenching each time.

Lady Jennifer likes the gunge tank!