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Formal Gown Gunge Tank - set gm-4g010

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Formal Gown Gunge Tank

Aurora weard a beautiful dress into a gloopy fate

Aurora has spent the afternoon at one of Lady Jasmine's famous summer garden parties, and is dressed for the occasion in a beautiful deep red formal gown and strappy high heeled shoes. And yet somehow, through it all, she managed to remain completely dry. Which will never do. So she's brought herself down to the dungeon, still wearing all her finery, to give herself a proper messy seeing to.

First she fills the tank with blue and green gunge, bending and stretching in her lovely dress while we watch her work. But she doesn't immediately give herself the deluge, instead, first she fills a tray with green gunge, places it on the tank seat, and sits in it, standing up again afterwards to show off the mess it's made of the seat of her dress. You can see her reacting as she lowers herself into it and the gloopy wetness soaks through the satin of the dress too. Then she sits again, still in the tray, and plunges her heel-clad feet into a spare bucket of gunge, totally drenching her shoes in green goo. And then she sits back and pulls the cord, unleashing a tide of blue and green gunge on herself from above, drenching her dress in gloop and turning her head into an unrecognisable ball of goo.

She plays in the gunge, utilising the spare bucket she previously put her feet in to ensure every last inch of her dress is covered and soaked, including pouring gunge down inside it. Meanwhile the tank is refilling with water, and once it's full, she pulls the cord once more and lets 70 litres of water cascade all over her gunge-soaked self.

Once the tank has emptied, the valve is reset yet again and while it refills with water, she drenches her dress and hair in shampoo, working up a real lather before unleashing yet another unstoppable deluge cascade over herself and her soaking wet dress.

Aurora likes the gunge tank!