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Adidas Jacket Gungetank Time - set gm-4g011

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  • gm-4g011-v3 (13 minutes, 57 seconds)

Adidas Jacket Gungetank Time

Maude and Miss Abigail play games with consequences

A scene from Saturation Hall Customs!

Maude and Miss Abigail start out dressed in matching black swimsuits with twin white stripes up the side, and black shiny sports shorts, and with bare feet. Dressed like that, they work together to fill the gunge tank with litres of bright pink gunge, pouring buckets into jugs and emptying the jugs into the tank.

Then, they add Adidas light rain-jackets over their outfits, sit side by side in the tank, and play a game of scissors-paper-stone, with the winner of each round getting to apply a forefit of their choice to the loser. There are six forefits, one each of beans, custard, rice pudding, yoghurt, vegetable soup, and tomato soup.

The overall winner then steps out of the tank, the loser moves to sit directly below the central gunge valve, and the tank is activated! Sploooossshhhhhh!

But we have rules of fairness in this house, so as soon as the tank is emptied, the valve is closed and they both work to refill it, and now the winner gets her own gunge drenching.

With both gungings, there's a spare bucket of gunge held back to be used once the flow dwindles, to thoroughly finish off any areas left un-gunged by the main flow, including filling the shorts and swimsuit of the tank victim, and the inside of her jacket. No area ungunged!

Once they have both been gunge drenched in the tank, they sit together again while the tank refills with water, and then use the twin side valves to unleash a deluge of water on themselves, which they repeat three times, thoroughly shampooing each other's hair between the second and third deluges.

Eventually they finish with the tank, take their jackets off, and hose each other down in their swimsuits and shorts.

Technical: With this scene you get four files, the still photos in a zip file, and three videos. The first is the messy section with the forefits and the gunge tankings, the second is the water tankings, and the third is the final hosedown outside the tank.