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The Return of The Beaning Of Melanie Green - set gm-f002

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The Return of The Beaning Of Melanie Green

Clothes-filling and boots-filling fun with beans and spagetthi

  • Dark blue one-piece swimsuit
  • Black ladies hiking shorts
  • Green wellies

Sometimes Lady Jasmine just likes to pull on something scruffy and drench herself in whatever gunge happens to be handy. On this occasion, freshly changed and washed from one of her slow, carefull garment-testing sessions, and with the custard from that session still puddled on the dungeon floor, she spends a relaxed hour pouring a mixture of baked beans and chopped spagetthi into her swimsuit, shorts, and green wellington boots, enjoying the feeling of the gunge flowing down and collecting inside her swimsuit, soaking through her shorts from the inside, and sliding down her legs to collect in her boots.

After a while she sits down in the puddle of mixed mess and plays with her well-filled boots, then stands again and pours a can of beans into the back of her shorts, before sitting once more in a yoga position and covering her head and hair. Finally, she lies down in the pool of mess, scoops handfuls up to add to her saturated swimsuit, and finishes by posing for the camera in her totally drenched outfit.