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  • gm-2w25: "Wendy's Highland Formal" Added 2010-06-19, 396 photos, 469M disk space

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    The Blue Dress

    Wendy's formal Highland dip

    • Dark blue shot silk strapless bridesmaids dress
    • Dark blue shot silk bolero jacket
    • Dark pumps
    • Dark tights

    Even though the annual trip to Western Argyll is officially a family holiday, a lady as high in the arstocracy as Lady Jasmine is never entirely off duty, and so on occasion formal events are held at the hunting lodge, where pressing estate business, or family aliances, are transacted.

    Which is why Nurse Wendy finds herself spending a long evening, late into the slow-fading Midsummer Highland dusk, alongside her ladyship, negotiating a detailed and delicate contract. And so the next day, she makes the most of the opportunity to go paddling in the dress she wore the night before!

    Into the pool she goes in her shot silk dress and bolero jacket, wetting them bit by bit until she is totally soaked, and then splashing and larking in the water, sending great fountains of white over herself.

  • gm-2f51: "Veronica fills her dungaree shorts with gunge!" Added 2010-06-01, 843 photos, 898M disk space

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    Veronica at Clothes Filling Play

    Pouring cake, custard and treacle down her dungaree shorts


    • Mid-thigh length short khaki dungarees
    • Plain black one-piece swimsuit
    • Black wellington boots

    Veronica likes to get messy. So much so that it's become her practice, following a formal or official gunging, either during an initiation or as part of Her Ladyship's clothes-testing busines, she will frequently wash off, change into a clean, dry, casual outfit of her own choice, and return to the still-messy dungeon, to give herself a second messing just for her own enjoyment.

    Which is how we come to find her dressed in a pair of old soft khaki shortalls over a swimsuit, with black rubber boots, contemplating a nice collection of gateaxu and pouring substances, with the dungeon floor still swimming in liquid treacle from her gingham dress escapade.

    She doesn't plan to stay clean for long!

    First she poses, enjoying the feel and look of her outfit. The dungarees are old, soft and comfortable, and a perfect fit. The legs drop to mid-thigh, just enough length to avoid the short-shorts look, and to provide enough material to sit in things with, and to channel whatever Veronica chooses to pour into her clothes from the top. The swimsuit is plain, and clearly visble under the dungarees - she's going to enjoy mesing that up too! And her boots finish things off nicely.

    The chair is still in position from her previous gunging and hose-down, with a trace of liquid treacle still on the seat. As a quick "initiation of the dungarees" she sits down, dampening and marking herself just a little.

    And now the gunging proper can begin!

    Gateaux first. Slice after slice dropped down inside the bib of her overalls. Black treacle follows, filling her clothes in stickiness while she wiggles and gyrates until is starts to escape down the legs of her overalls and flows out where we can see it on her thighs. Treacle is followed by golden syrup, and then she fills her clothes with custard too, while more mixed mess flows out of the legs of her dungaree shorts and down her inner thighs

    At Saturation Hall gunge-girl's work is never done, and so even as the mixed gunge in her dungarees continues to slowly flow downwards, she prepares a fresh gateaux on a tray, with custard, and sits down in it, "squelch!", coating the back of her overalls and bottom in squishy mess.

    On goes the gunging, pockets are filled, she sits again, Veronica pours more and more mess into and over her clothes until she is completely drenched and sloppy from the neck down.

    Veronica says "Enjoy!"

  • gm-2w23: "Wendy gets soaked in a blue denim jumpsuit" Added 2010-05-19, 442 photos, 522M disk space

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    Denim Jumpsuit Water Frolic!

    Wendy gets soaked in a blue denim jumpsuit


    • Blue denim jumpsuit
    • Blue, Hunter-style wellies

    Watched by Miss Pink, who stays dry, Wendy takes to the river in her original vintage blue denim jumpsuit and blue wellies. She wades into the water, flooding her boots, then slowly wades deeper until her entire suit is soaked.

    Then she returns to the shallows and sits down in the water, while Miss Pink, dressed in denim overalls, denim jacket, and black rubber boots, wades carefully out, staying dry herself, and pours bucket of bucket of water over Wendy, who calmly sits in the water and allows herself to be drenched many times by her friend.

    Eventually the two pose together, Miss Pink completely dry, Wendy utterly drenched and dripping wet.

  • gm-2f52: "Morgana gets cola-bathed in PVC in the Highlands" Added 2010-05-06, 274 photos, 323M disk space

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    The PVC Cola Queen!

    Mysterious Morgana takes an outdoor cola shower from our ladies!

    Morgana. Wild, flame-red hair, and a lovely sleeveless black PVC catsuit! And black rubber boots, all ready for filling.

    Lady Rose, and Wendy Household, in red and blue formal dresses, plus Lady Amaranth, dressed as a waitress, set about Morgana with gallons of cold, fresh, fizzy cola, on a quiet side road on Lady Jasmine's Highland estate.

    Morgana gets fizzed in places she didn't know she had places, as the foaming cola is poured all over, and into, her shiny PVC.

    At the end she and Lady Amaranth walk back towards the main road, getting some interesting looks from coach-loads of passing tourists on one of Argyll's main highways!

  • gm-2w32: "Rose and Amaranth take a dip in uniform" Added 2010-04-25, 328 photos, 384M disk space

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    Uniform Wetting!

    Rose and Amaranth take a dip

      Lady Rose

    • Pale plue nurses uniform tunic
    • Dark blue nurses uniform trousers
    • Black and white converse boots

      Lady Amaranth

    • Black sports uniform dress
    • Dark tights
    • Black and white converse boots

    Dressed for pleasure in uniform gear, Lady Rose as a nurse and Lady Amaranth as a sports official, the two girls take to the deeping pool, wading, and in Lady Rose's case, jumping, into the water. Once waist deep they take turns to splash each other, Lady Amaranth in particular getting totally soaked! Rose's drenching comes soon after, and then they play in the water for a while, paddling, swimming, larking about, all in their totally drenched uniforms.

    Towards the end of the set it started to rain, but we carried on regardless, after all they were there to get their clothes wet anyway!


  • gm-2f50: "Totally treacled in gingham!" Added 2010-04-08, 902 photos, 970M disk space

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    Veronica wears the Dress of Doom

    Gingham dress, gungham shoes, syrup and treacle!


    • Red/White and Black/White check, floor length, long sleeve gingham dress.
    • Red/White gingham pumps

    Every household has its quirks, and Saturation Hall is no exception. So one day Veronica, who's staying for a few weeks, finds herself enacting one of the household's traditional rituals, putting on the "Dress of Doom", a lavish creation in layers of Black/White and Red/White gingham, complete with matching red gingham pumps, and then totally coating herself in syrup and treacle!

    The dress is given a total treatment, filled, and then lavishly coated in mess. The shoes don't escape either, not only do they get covered in goo running off the drenched dress, they also get neatly slipped off, carefully filled with gunge (treacle in one, syrup in the other), and carefully put back onto Veronica's bare feet.

    Veronica ends up drenched in mess, and there are some bonus fully clothed hosedown photos in the members extras gallery too.

  • gm-2w31: "Morgana and Lady Rose, in boots and uniform, in the water!" Added 2010-03-18, 616 photos, 728M disk space

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    Scottish Industrial Soakings!

    Morgana and Lady Rose, in boots and uniform, in the water!


    • Morgana
    • Navy-blue knee-length uniform skirt
    • Pale blue 3/4 sleeve blouse
    • Dark tights
    • Blue wellington boots
    • Navy blue engineer's jacket (dry shots only)

    • Lady Rose
    • Navy-blue ladies-fit boilersuit by ARCO
    • Blue wellington boots

    Another wonderful wetting in the Deeping Pool below Lady Jasmine's highland hunting lodge! Lady Rose takes to the water in a well-fitting ladies boilersuit and wellies, and is joined by the mysterious Morgana, this time dressed to match her in a navy blue skirt uniform.

    Both women pose and show off their outfits on the sunlit greensward above the pool, then they splash through the shallows in their wellington boots before wading together into the deeper water, flooding their wellies and then slowly drenching their clothes as they go deeper and deeper into the water.

    Once they're both soaked they play for qite a while in the water, posing, splashing each other, jumping on and off the rocks of the pool. At one point they sit together in the shallows, water lapping at their waists, while the camera looks down through the crystal clear water their drowned wellies, Morgana's skirt, and the legs of Rose's overalls, below the water.

    The scene ends with both ladies back on the grass in their soaking wet clothes, pouring the water from their wellies over each other, including Morgana having the contents of one of Rose's boots poured into her soaked cleavage!

  • gm-2f49: "Lady Morgana comes to play!" Added 2010-03-04, 1380 photos, 1.5G disk space

    Click here for the availability of this set

    The Blue And Green Treacle Show!

    Lady Morgana comes to play at the Hall


    • Lady Morgana
    • Dark blue crushed silk strapless bridesmaids dress
    • Matching dark blue bolero jacket
    • Black leather high-heeled ankle boots

    • Nurse Wendy-Household
    • Deep green floor-length short-sleeved bridesmaid's dress
    • Black leather spike-heeled ankle boots


    • Formal dress gunging
    • Bare shoulders
    • Willing gunge-vctims
    • Black Treacle
    • Golden Syrup
    • Dress filling

    First encountered at a mysterious castle in Western Argyll, the wild Lady Morgana has followed the household back to the high moors of Yorkshire, to the very doors of this ancient Hall, and invited herself in to play in the dungeon, with Nurse Wendy-Household as a willing playmate.

    Dressed to the nines in finest formalwear, these two beautiful women spend a wonderfully happy afternoon gradually reducing each other's lovely outfits to sweet, sticky ruin, dresses both filled and coated in slow-flowing gunge.

    Morgana starts out with a bolero jacket over her fabulous stapless silk dress, and keeps it on while the first cans of treacle are poured down her cleavage to fill the front of the dress, but then removes it to have her bare shoulders coated in treacle. Later on, she has the back of her dress filled too, at her own request. "Isn't it every girl's dream to get dressed up in your best dress and then just totally cover it in mess?", as she playfully commented beforehand!

    Wendy is dressed to impress in a beautiful long green evening dress. Which soon succumbs, as her front is filled, syrup overflowing down the front to colect in her lap, where it's soon joined by several more cans poured straight onto the skirt of the dress!

    Both ladies end up with their dresses absolutely saturated in gunge.

  • gm-2w22: "Miss Pink gets supersoaked, sits in the river, and gets bucketed!" Added 2010-02-20, 637 photos, 746M disk space

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Super Skirt Soaking

    Miss Pink, in uniform, gets supersoaked!

      Miss Pink's Outfit
    • Navy blue below-the-knee uniform skirt
    • Pale blue patterned blouse
    • Blue wellingtons
    • Navy blue baseball cap

    Miss Pink and Nurse Wendy continue their wet adventures on the riverbank.

    Now it's Miss Pink's turn to enjoy a supersoaking! She starts off sitting on the bank, already dressed in her skirt and blouse, bathing her bare feet in the fresh, clear water. She slips her matching blue wellington boots on, and walks calmly out into the ankle-deep water. Her nice dry skirt comes to just below the tops of her boots, and she looks really smart standing in the shallow water. But she doesn't stay dry for long!

    Nurse Wendy, now dressed in a fresh dry denim jumpsuit and black wellies, hefts the fully loaded Supersoaker, takes careful aim at Miss Pink's skirt, and opens fire!

    In moments the back of Miss Pink's skirt is soaked, the jet from the water gun playing back and forth across her bottom and up and down her skirt, drenching the back of it completely. She remains in place while several more full supersoaker loads are sprayed over the back of her skirt.

    Now she's partly wet Miss Pink goes exploring, wading into the deeper parts of the river, slowy drenching the front of her skirt to match the already wet back, and going on to soak her blouse too. She plays in the water and with the trees that overhang the bank, before coming back to the shallows and sitting down in the water - where Nurse Wendy pours several full buckets of water over her!

    The now totally drenched Miss Pink continues to play in the water, sitting, crawling, lying down on her front. She sits up, takes her cap off, fills it, and splashes it back onto her head, water cascading everywhere as she does so.

    Eventually, after striking a series of soaked poses both standing up in her drenched clothes, and sitting down again in the water, Miss Pink wades back to the riverbank and sits down on the grass. Where Nurse Wendy pours another bucket of water over her!

    A very soggy Miss Pink is left sitting on the bank, sunlight reflecting from her completely saturated clothes.

  • gm-2m05: "Total mud testing of a working skirt uniform" Added 2010-02-05, 554 photos, 828M disk space

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Wendy Household takes to the mudbanks

    Total mud testing of a working skirt uniform


    • Navy blue knee-length workwear skirt, by Alexandra
    • Navy blue t-shirt, by Alexandra
    • Blue "Hunter"-style wellington boots
    • Blue baseball cap, by Alexandra
    • Navy blue tights


    • Fully clothed mud bath
    • Outdoor mud
    • Riverbank clay
    • Mud sliding
    • River wading
    • Rolling in mud


    Time to test a uniform in the mud! Watch and enjoy as Wendy gradually covers herself in ever-wetter riverbank clay. She starts out just casually sitting down on fairly dry mud, just getting a little on the back of her skirt, but gradually she subjects her outfit to wetter and sloppier clay, until eventually she's crawling around, soaking wet and totally coated, in a deep pit of thick, soft, squelchy semi-liquid mud. She also goes into the river a couple of times, in a vain attempt to wash her clothes clean, before she wades back into the mud and gets covered in clay all over again.

    Wendy got completely stuck at one point, and had to be helped out!


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