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  • gm-2m05: "Total mud testing of a working skirt uniform" Added 2010-02-05, 554 photos, 828M disk space

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    Wendy Household takes to the mudbanks

    Total mud testing of a working skirt uniform


    • Navy blue knee-length workwear skirt, by Alexandra
    • Navy blue t-shirt, by Alexandra
    • Blue "Hunter"-style wellington boots
    • Blue baseball cap, by Alexandra
    • Navy blue tights


    • Fully clothed mud bath
    • Outdoor mud
    • Riverbank clay
    • Mud sliding
    • River wading
    • Rolling in mud


    Time to test a uniform in the mud! Watch and enjoy as Wendy gradually covers herself in ever-wetter riverbank clay. She starts out just casually sitting down on fairly dry mud, just getting a little on the back of her skirt, but gradually she subjects her outfit to wetter and sloppier clay, until eventually she's crawling around, soaking wet and totally coated, in a deep pit of thick, soft, squelchy semi-liquid mud. She also goes into the river a couple of times, in a vain attempt to wash her clothes clean, before she wades back into the mud and gets covered in clay all over again.

    Wendy got completely stuck at one point, and had to be helped out!


  • gm-2w30: "Wendy and Lady Amaranth drenching each other for fun" Added 2010-01-20, 578 photos, 668M disk space

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    Workwear Wetting

    Lady Amaranth and Nurse Wendy soak each other in cola and water

      Lady Amaranth

    • Navy blue zip-front boilersuit
    • Blue wellington boots

      Nurse Wendy-Household

    • Navy blue combat trousers
    • Navy blue polo shirt
    • Black 18-hole Doc Marten boots

    During the household's annual Scottish hunting trip, Lady Amaranth and Nurse Wendy-Household take a little time out to dress up in working outfits, and thoroughly drench each other, first with lots of cola, and then by frolicing neck-deep in the deeping pool, still wearing their cola-drenched clothes.

  • gm-2f48: "Ms Ravenblack plays in shiny black" Added 2010-01-08, 1087 photos, 1.2G disk space

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    Veronica the PVC Gunge Queen!

    Ms Ravenblack plays in shiny black


    • Black sleeveless PVC catsuit by Phaze
    • 18-hole Doc Marten boots


    • Catsuit filling
    • Cake sitting
    • Custard pies
    • Custard pie crown
    • Gunge shampoo
    • Face coverage
    • Cola drenching

    Dressed to thrill in a skin-tight shiny PVC catsuit, black PVC opera gloves, and big bad eighteen-hole Doc Marten boots, eyes wild and hair still damp from the rainstorm sweeping up Langstonedale, Veronica Ravenblack struts imperiously into the dungeon, and lays waste to herself with custard, gateaux, and cola.

    She starts with gateaux, stuffing slice after slice down the inside of her catsuit till no more will easily fit in. And then she mashes one across her front, just for the hell of it. Custard is poured in next, flowing down inside and leaking out at the seams, and from her boots.

    Next is lashings of custard down her front, before she prepares another gateaux, and plops her still-clean bottom down on it. Squelch! Swiftly followed with more custard over her hair and down her back while she's still sitting in her cake-and-custard filled catsuit on the mashed gateaux.

    Self-pieing with a huge flan base filled with custard follows, and then she places a flan base on her head, like a crown, and fills it till the custard overflows over her hair and head.

    By now she's completely coated in mess, inside and out, nevertheless more custard is poured on, and then she performs a series of poses and gymnastic exercises, all in the pool of spilled mess on the floor.

    And as if that wasn't enough, eventually she douses herself in several large bottles of cola, too!

  • gm-2q03: "The good Sister enjoys a hosedown in a stretch denim mini-dress" Added 2009-12-28, 108 photos, 121M disk space

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    Sister Graves in Fitted Denim

    The good Sister enjoys a hosedown in a stretch denim mini-dress

    Nice and simple, watch Sister Graves being hosed down in a tight-fitting stretch-denim mini-dress, knee-high socks, and blue plastic shoes. Lots of water, a figure-hugging dress that looks fantastic wet, waist length long hair, and lots of wet fun!

  • gm-2w21: "Wendy gets supersoaked in the river" Added 2009-12-17, 653 photos, 778M disk space

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    Watertrooper Wendy

    Wendy's riot-girl black boilersuit gets a throrough soaking

      Wendy Household (who gets totally drenched!)
    • Black boilersuit
    • Black 18-hole Doc Marten boots
      Miss Pink (who stays dry, for now...)
    • Navy blue knee-length uniform skirt
    • Pale blue patterened long-sleeve blouse
    • Blue wellington boots

    Early Spring on the banks of the river below the village, and Wendy and Miss Pink are enjoying the warm weather to the full. Wendy has broken out her "watertrooper" uniform, black boilersuit, black boots, and huge water-gun! But she decides to find out for herself what it's like to be on the receiving end of a supersoaking hosedown, passes the loaded gun to Miss Pink, and tells her to let rip!

    Miss Pink looses no time in setting about the saturation of Wendy's outfit, spraying her up and down the legs before they both wade into the shallow river, where Miss Pink takes aim at Wendy's shapely bottom, and opens up to maximum soaking mode.

    While Miss Pink reloads, Wendy goes for a paddle, wading deeper into the water, slowly going deeper and deeper into the water, soaking legs, trunk, waist, chest, and eventually going neck-deep in the water, drenching her well-fitting suit entirely. She plays in the water among the trees overhanging the river for a bit, then comes back out to lie down in the water within range of Miss Pink, who opens up on her again with the water gun, splashing the already soaked Wendy at maximum range.

    Wendy finishes off with lots of varied poses and splashing about in the middle of the river, sitting, lying, and just generally enjoing being totally soaking wet in the beautiful Spring sunshine.

  • gm-2f47: "Veronica plays games in her dress" Added 2009-12-02, 616 photos, 634M disk space

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    The Right and Wrong Game

    Veronica plays games in her dress

    • Long, full-skirted formal bridesmaid's gown in rose pink
    • White pumps
    • Covering a formal dress in custard
    • Clothes filling
    • Custard down the cleavage
    • Gateaux slices down the front of her dress
    • Custard poured over her head
    • Self-gunging

    Veronica Ravenblack puts on her favourite rose-pink formal dress, and takes a seat in the dungeon to play our right and wrong game. For every question she gets right, she gets to place a slice of gateaux inside the bodice of her dress. For every question she gets wrong, she has to pour custard or syrup over herself in various ways.

    Needless to say, after letting her put a drop a few slices of gateaux into her lovely dress, we rigged the questions. :-) The dress gets totally coated in gunge, inside and out, and Veronica even pours cupfuls of custard over her head, including total face coverage at one point.

    She also twice pulls the dress up at the front so we can see what's happening inside, where the custard poured into the front is dripping down between her legs and coating the inside of the back of the dress's skirt, and collecting in a pool on the floor.


  • gm-2w29: "West Highland Waterbabes play in the stream" Added 2009-11-19, 344 photos, 405M disk space

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    Into the Deeping Pool

    West Highland Waterbabes, Summer 2009

    • Black shiny satin jeans
    • Black lycra leotard
    • Black see-through short-sleeve shirt, worn open
    • Black rubber boots
      Lady Rose
    • Blue denim dungarees
    • Blue deniim jeans-jacket
    • Purple t-shirt
    • Blue wellington boots

    The mysterious Morgana, all in black, leads Lady Rose, dressed in her favourite blue denim overalls, into the Deeping Pool below Lady Jasmine's hunting lodge.

    First they flood their boots, one by one, then they wade slowly into the water, allowing the level to rise bit by bit, only stopping when it's lapping at their waists. And then they have a furious waterfight at point blank range, great splashes and sheets of water cascading over each of them, neither giving way, just splashing each other even harder the next time.

    Eventually they declare a draw, and take turns bobbing completely under the water, soaking their heads and hair.

    Morgana takes off her shirt, and Rose removes her jacket, and they swim about a bit, playing like seals in the clear Highland stream. They pose, soaking wet, on a rock together, and then again, still in their drenched clothes, by the pool.

  • gm-2f59: "The Lady and the Serving Girl" Added 2009-11-04, 360 photos, 387M disk space

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    Felicity and Lady Jasmine Sit And Receive

    The Lady and the Serving Girl are gunged together

    • Features
    • Wedding dress filling
    • Gunged bridesmaid
    • Sitting and receiving
    • Willing gunge recipients
    • Buckets of custard
    • Treacle poured down the bodice
    • Custard poured over her lap
    • Lady Jasmine
    • White long-sleeved wedding dress
    • Felicity the Serving Wench
    • Rich pale blue satin bridesmaids dress

    It's gungetime at Saturation Hall. Gungetime for her ladyship, and gungetime for Felicity too! Beautiful in their lovely gowns, the Lady and the Serving Girl take their seats in the dungeon, while Lady Rose, pretty in a pink nurses tunic and trousers, and The Pink Pourer in her trademark pink costume, prepare to dole out the punishment to our all-too-willing ladies' outfits!

    Felicity is the first to feel the mess, as three goblets of liquid black treacle are poured neatly into the bodice of her lovely blue satin dress, which soon starts to show a thick black stain as the gunge soaks its way through from the inside.

    Then it's Lady Jasmine's turn, and her cousin Rose grins with unholy glee as she tips the first goblet down her ladyship's chest, and that beautiful white wedding gown starts to suffer. Goblet after goblet of liquid black gunge flows over Lady Jasmine's pale skin and down into the bodice of her dress, staining its way through the virginal white fabric in a tide of spreading blackness.

    After each lady takes a few more goblets each, Lady Jasmine takes the whole remaining bucketful down her front and over her lap.

    Syrup follows treacle, and buckets of liquid custard follow that, until both ladies are reduced to sticky wet messyness, their beautiful clothes utterly drenched in mess.

    Now that's how to treat a wedding dress!

  • gm-2w20: "Miss Pink drenches a workwear outfit in the river" Added 2009-10-21, 657 photos, 774M disk space

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Miss Pink the River Engineer!

    Miss Pink goes paddling in engineering blue

    Miss Pink goes for a paddle in the river wearing a full engineering outfit, Caterpillar work boots, royal blue combat trousers, pale blue polo shirt, and royal blue engineer's jacket.

    First she slides down the steep path to the river bank on her bottom, leaving a nice dry mud stain on the seat of her trousers, before greeting Wendy in her already drenched bridesmaid's dress, and then wading into the water.

    Her boots are submerged almost at once, then she slowly wades deeper, enjoying the sensations as the water rises up her legs, and then gasping as it finally engulfs her trunk.

    Once she's wet to the waist she dips herself lower, each time going a little deeper, and then playing and splashing in the water to soak the remaining dry parts of her shirt and jacket.

    Now thoroughly wet, she plays about in the river, crawling, wading, sitting and lying down, and more splashing, before finally wading out of the water onto the bank, clumbing back up the steep pathway, and posing in her drenched outfit at the top.

  • gm-2f46: "Lady Rose and Wendy Household fill each others' clothes with goo!" Added 2009-10-07, 1081 photos, 1.2G disk space

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    Clothes Filling Time!

    Rose and Wendy fill each others' outfits

    • Lady Rose
    • Blue denim dungarees
    • Blue striped long-sleeved top
    • Black plimsoles
    • Wendy Household
    • Pale blue shop-worker's dress
    • Dark blue wellies
    • Dungarees filled with custard, syrup and treacle
    • Dress filling
    • Gunge soaking through from inside clothes
    • Tit for tat gunging
    • Willing victims allowing themselves to be completely messed up
    • Pocket filling
    • Full buckets of gunge poured over the ladies
    • Gunge shampoo
    • Milk poured on and into clothes

    Lady Rose, in dungarees and striped top, and Wendy Household, in a shop worker's uniform dress, start by playing scissors, paper, stone, with the winner of each game pouring gunge into the looser's clothes. As both ladies get steadily messier, the quantities increase, till Lady Rose has a full bucket of custard poured all over her head!

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