Felicity, the cheeky serving wench

Service with a smile, and a twist!

The highest panegyric, therefore, that private virtue can receive, is the praise of servants.

Cheeky, mischievous, never missing a chance for a prank, and yet utterly, totally loyal, Felicity is the kind of servant the keepers of a great house both long for and dread in equal measure!

The great houses of the North, and the old landed families who live in them, stand apart from those you might find in the refined and polite stately manors of the Home Counties or the mansions of the great capital city. Service here is not a matter of obsequious obedience, rather it is a sacred trust, an honest trade of honour for loyalty, respect for ability, shelter for service. On these high, wild moors, neither landowner nor retainers could survive long alone, and that mutual bond of trust and grudging respect is the cord that binds the great households together.

For all her youth, Felicity is a wild, free-thinking serving maid of the old school. Try and order her about, and you'll soon be wondering who is the master and who the server, but ask for work with respect, and you'll receive the kind of service that would grace the monarchy.

Felicity's family have been in the Langstonedales' service for generations, at least since the mid-seventeenth century, and probably longer, working the lands of the home farm, raising the estate's vast flocks of sheep, and since grandfather's time, working as the household servants. Having more or less grown up in the Hall, Felicity knows the hidden nooks and crannies of the old place better even than Lady Jasmine herself, who spent much of her childhood at boarding school, does.

Enter the mess!

Felicity poses as a bride in chains.


By the Falls of Orchy

In house uniform

The Video Ninja

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