The Chamber-Wench

Would her ladyship like some pie?

Youngest of the household staff at just 19, Maude is Lady Jasmine's personal chambermaid, and also the house's artistic wild-child, with an insatiable appetite for her ladyship's extensive collection of books on fine art, some of them extremely rare. None of us are entirely sure if she's going to re-start the Pre-Raphaelite movement, become the next Damian Hurst, or simply lock herself in one of the garrets never to be seen again, but there's an artistic touch in everything she does, something Lady Jasmine encourages, much to the annoyance of some of her more staid peers.

As is normal, Maude was given a brand new uniform when she first arrived to start her service. She subsequently managed to break the household record for fastest ever transition from clean to messy, as she no sooner had her suit and wellies on than she was in the dungeon making merry with her ladyship's condensed milk supply. She does seem to be rather partial to the gunge! Which is just as well in this household.


in working uniform

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