the lass from Argyl

from wild Inverarary with gungings in mind

Aha, Morgana! Daughter of the Highland clans, and as wild and fey as they come! No-one really knows how or when Morgana joined the household, she just appeared at the hunting lodge one summer, threw herself wholeheartedly into the wild Langstonedale lifestyle, and has become an accepted part of the furniture ever since. She travelled south with the household the summer after she first appeared, and now alternates her time between the great Pennine estate and the wild mountains of Western Argyll. An expert in security systems, a wizard (or witch!) with computers, and with a breadth and depth of knowledge that belies her age, she's proven to be a great asset to her Ladyship, and is a valuable and trusted member of the household.

And needless to say, an enthusiastic participant in the stickeier elements of the household's lifestyle! Morgana has a particular fondness for sleeveless outfits and strapless dresses, and really enjoys having gunge poured into the back of whatever she happens to be wearing, especially if her outfit happens to be a fine evening gown. She can be utterly devastating company at one of her Ladyship's dinner parties, holding her own easily in high level philosophical debates, and all the while shivering with pleasure as the servants take turns to fill the back of her dress as she speaks.

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