The Tribal Hippy Slave Girl

Peace and love!

Five years into the twenty first century, Lady Jasmine, under the expert guidance of her friend, the famed international adventurer and tomb-raider Veronica Ravenblack, set off on a hunting trip to Darkest Peru. She had a mind to bag herself one of the giant killer badger-penguins that so terrorise that remote, unexplored region. Funded by her ladyship, the expedition was well equipped and expertly guided, however even Veronica's planning did not anticipate the intervention of a gang of desperate terrorists hell-bent on mayhem.

Some day the full story, as recounted in Lady Jasmine's journals, will be told, but for now suffice it to say that, while the final explosion, arranged by Lady Jasmine herself and detonated by Veronica, did indeed cause the demise of a great many badger-penguins, and indeed almost everything else within a half-mile radius of the blast, it left the remains in no fit state to grace a lady's hall.

At some point in this wild adventure, she also rescued a strange tribal slave-girl, who then elected to stay with Lady Jasmine and return to the UK with her. Fortunately her ladyship still has connections at what used to be known as the Foreign and Colonial office in Whitehall to smooth out any legal issues. Known only as "Maiden", this young woman is utterly devoted to Lady Jasmine, and discovered quite by chance that she's also devoted to the art of gunge. Which is probably just as well.

Enter the mess!

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Maiden enjoys a thorough beaning in an 80s denim jumpsuit


On the estate


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