Lady Jasmine

Owner of Saturation Hall

Aristocratic, self-assured, mistress of all she surveys. A very, very capable lady and landowner.

You don't often meet people like Lady J. In sole charge of one of England's grand estates since the age of fourteen, survivor of plots and intrigue, and an international adventurer in her own right, there are three things you notice straight away on first meeting her. Her diminutive size, standing barely five feet tall, her stunning figure, and her bright, piercing intelect.

She lost her parents young, when their plane was brought down in a particularly violent typhoon, however being adventurous themselves and well acquainted with the risks they ran they had made ample provision for their daughter, then safely ensconced in an ancient public girls' school whose fearsome reputation for complete anarchy ensured that no scheming relative dared attempt to remove or influence her. And so, when she attained the age of seventeen, as stipulated in their will, Jasmine Langstonedale found herself the sole owner of half a million acres of land, one of the most extravagant hotels in London, and railway and transport interests that span the globe. From both her schooldays and from the village below the Hall she was surrounded by good friends, and the retainers who look after the day to day running of the house and estates are utterly loyal to Lady Jasmine, many coming from families who have been serving the Langstonedales for generations.

The only real risk to Lady Jasmine's inheritance came from her scheming uncle Max, scion of the Borrowthwate-Langstonedales. Plotting a takeover of her estate, he attempted to challenge her parents' will in court. Dispensing with the need for a solicitor, her ladyship conducted her own defence, drawing on her school's excellent and unique lessons in Law. She so impressed the judge, the infamously impartial Lord Justice Jeffreys, that not only did Max loose his case, but at the end of the hearings the judge thundered that if Max ever brought such a tissue of lies and fabrications to his court again, Jeffreys would have no hesitation in sending him down for contempt, and seeing to it that he was locked up in the infamous gaol at Wakefield. Max left the court a broken man. One does not challenge the Langstonedales lightly!

As a member of the senior nobility, Lady J has many calls on her time, but she still makes a point of taking a hands-on approach to running her estate, she knows all of her people personally and always has time to say hello to the farm workers and even occasionally to play hide-and-seek with the estate children. She is widely respected by all who know her.

And then, of course, there is her love of all things messy!

The Langstonedale family have a history of messy play stretching back generations, no-one knows where the taste came from, but without exception all of the main line of the family through the ages seem to have taken a great delight in regularly involving the entire household in fully clothed wet and messy fun of one kind or another! They've tended to acquire servants and retainers with similar tastes too, a wise visitor always ensures they have somewhat more in the way of clothing with them than may strictly be necessary when visiting Lady Jasmine's hall, as changes tend to be frequent!

Enter the mess!

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Lady Jasmine

At play on her estate

A favourite outfit


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