Lady Penelope Full-Wellington

owner of Marsh House

if your boots ain't full, you're not doing it right!

Lady Penelope Full-Wellington is an old schoolfriend of Lady Jasmine, and conveniently owns a large estate in the East Lincolnshire mudlands, two hundred acres focused on Marsh House, and bordered to the north by the soft mudbanks of the great river of the east.

Lady Penelope comes from a messy tradition almost as wild as Lady Jasmine's, except in her family it is almost totally focused on mudplay. Generations of Full-Wellingtons have gone through the same mud-drenched initiation ceremonies, being lowered into tubs of mud, then dragged out, hosed down, dressed in fresh clean clothes, and then having sloppy clay poured into their outfits before sitting down to a lavish meal of many courses. They sit on benches coated in mud, and are served by serving wenches who also provide the entertainment!

As each course is served, once everyone has their food, the uniformed servants gather in the middle of the great hall, and merrily plaster each other with mud pies, pour buckets of mud over each other, and then stage a fully-clothed mud-wrestling romp. And then scamper out of the room, drenched in muck, to plunge into one of the many pools that surround the house, climb out, be hosed down, change into clean uniforms, and do it all again for the next course!

Unfair on the serving girls you might think, going through seven full muddings while the lords of the hall and their guests simply sit in their muddy finery and watch? Not so - for once the meal is finished, then begins the 'Five Days Of Misrule', the estate's gates are locked, and none are permitted to leave, while the servants have the complete run and rule of the household, and waste no opportunity to exact their muddy pleasures. Beds are filled with mud, and must be slept in unresisting. And when the sleepers awake and are permitted to wash off the clay and dress in clean clothes, they may at any point be set upon by mud-bucket-wielding wenches, and are permitted to offer no objection or complaint, and indeed are expected to enjoy their muddy ordeal.

Tales are still recounted round the fire in the great hall on the last night of such revels, of the young lady from a neighbouring estate, a lass of almost elven beauty, who having been drenched in mud no less than seventeen times, and having long exhausted her own wardrobe, and the many dresses she had been loaned by the household, and finally dressed in a servants uniform herself as the only clean clothing left that would fit her, reclining with a glass of wine in a large bath of liquid clay, who remarked "How terrible that I have not a stitch left in which to enjoy another mudding, life will seem so terribly dull back at Hamptonhill after this."

These events continue to this day, and indeed Lady Jasmine has taken part in two, once as a guest of Lady Penelope at her own initiation, and again when Lady Penelope's younger sister came of age. Sadly however, these are strictly private affairs for a very select circle of invited guests only, and no photographs have ever been taken of the muddy revels.

Lady Penelope however was introduced by Lady Jasmine to the arts of wetlook and of foodplay, and and took to them like, well, a mud-girl to a swamp! - and so her own repertoire now involves custard-filled costumes and flooded wellies, some of which have indeed been preserved by the camera.

Lady Penelope

Now this is how you wear a denim jumpsuit - totally drenched in custard!

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