Lady Rose

The dear cousin

Rescuer of lost kittens and stray lambs - and an organisational genius!

Lady Rose is one of Lady Jasmine's distant cousins, and fairly recently came to Saturation Hall for sanctuary after escaping the evil plots of her wicked uncle Jarvis, who had been scheming to marry her off for money to the highest bidder.

Having managed to sneak out of Uncle Jarvis' house and off his estate one night when his housekeeper and servants were busy with a grand banquet he'd arranged to try and impress some business clients for a pipeline deal in Mozambique, Rose managed to beg a lift to Yorkshire from the crew of a steam railtour, and then set out to walk the long miles from Skipton to the old hall she'd heard her uncle's staff discussing with such disdain, endlessly tut-tutting at her cousin's "debauched northern ways". After several adventures she made it to the village, where she was immediately taken in by Miss Pink, fed and warmed at the roaring fire in the Fox and Hounds, and then carried the last few miles up to the Hall in Lady Jasmine's carriage. She arrived at the Hall to a welcome she could not have imagined, all the windows ablaze with lights and the entire household gathered to greet her and welcome her to safety.

Since that night Lady Rose has settled in to a happy life as friend and companion to Lady Jasmine, and is much-loved by family and staff alike for her patient, friendly nature, and happy, warm-hearted smile. She's drawn to animals, and is often to be found out and about on the estate farms, invariably surrounded by stray kittens and lost lambs.

Don't let that shy, sweet smile fool you though - she's also embraced the wilder side of life at the Hall, and gives as good as she gets!

Enter the mess!

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Lady Rose

Lady Rose


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