Kitty Kodeina

Out of mysterious Eastern Europe

Dancing can be deadly, sometimes!

Kitty is a woman with a history. A distant descendant of former Eastern European nobility, but with lands and titles long-fallen to communism, she is an accomplished dancer and household entertainer, and until quite recently held a post with one of the remaining grand houses on the eastern fringe of western Europe. She is also a fully trained SWAT operative, covert surveillance expert, and bodyguard, skills which were highly sought after by her previous employers, but which ultimately proved to be her undoing when the local balance of power shifted following a series of assassinations.

And so she fled to the United Kingdom, and eventually found her way to Yorkshire, and the gates of the Langstonedale Estate. Slipping onto the estate lands at sunset, she spent her first night in an old sheep-farmer's bothy, and the next morning walked bold as brass straight up to the Hall itself, knocked firmly on the front door, and when it was opened, begged the Seneshall for sanctuary, offering all her services to the household in payment.

Lady Jasmine took the runaway in immediately, for unknown to Kitty, while she had entered the lands and taken shelter, she was being closely pursued still by agents from her former home, agents who were only thwarted by the ancient protections of the estate itself which prevent those of nefarious intent from entering uninvited. Many in the household, sensitive to the energies of the land about, had felt disturbances and the feeling of probing presences that night, and Felicity the Serving Wench had risen from her bed at midnight, sleepwalked to the great hall, and loudly struck the dinner gong, all the while with one arm pointing due north, before abruptly waking up from a dream of violence. The following morning two of the pursuing agents found themselves quite lost, wandering the wilds of eastern Ribblesdale, while the bones of a third, stripped by carrion eaters, were found a year later on the ruins of the old road beyond the long abandoned North Gate, neck broken, seemingly having fallen from the top of the locked and chained gates while trying to scale them in the dark.

Needless to say anyone granted leave to remain at Saturation Hall has to prove they are worthy of joining the household, while at the same time Kitty herself, despite her privations, wanted to be sure she was settling with those for whom the rites of gunge were as celebrated as those of the great palaces of her former homeland. Which resulted in two very spectacular gungings indeed on her first night at the Hall, and hopefully many more to come!


Kitty in SWAT mode, patrolling the grounds

Kitty in the process of getting very, very messy in a very smart black outfit


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