Lady Amaranth

Vampire of the Southlands

By honour, by power, by blood bound

Lady Amaranth is another of Lady Jasmine's school friends, and was Head Girl the year that Lady J started at boarding school. Mysterious and powerful, she spends most of her time away South and West, however whenever she gets the chance she escapes to Langstonedale for a while, relaxing in the clear Yorkshire air, and throwing herself into the household distractions with gusto. She also regularly joins the household for their hunting trips to Scotland, and is well practised with both gun and bow.

Lady Amaranth has a deep interest in all things Egyptian, a love of music, and follows the Gothic lifestyle. Dark minded and self assured, she is not a woman to cross, but like most of Lady Jasmine's friends and retainers, she highly rewards loyalty and trust.

Morgana, Wendy, and Lady Amaranth

Enter the mess!

Lady Amaranth

Drenched in cola!

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